SY-504 FULL AUTO TYING MACHINE for carton of automatical in-line procession
This tying machine is operated simply without any technician.
You may save lots of time and label cost during the operation because of equipping with the motorized conveyor in front of the tying machine.
The torque limiter is installed inside the shaft of the driving motor for the safety concerned. It's much safer and won't cause any damage inside your machine owing to the wrong operation while the motor Idles in operation.
The size of your carton boxes and paper boards can be adjusted randomly any time.
The new piece of design has been awarded a patent by the CNS bureau (patent no.31317), which is Taiwan Chinese National Standard belonging to Taiwan Government Authority.
This machine is equipped with #50 PE tying tape and the tying process is fully automatic.
(1125 m/kg, 5 kgs/Roll)
The SY-504 are built to last performing simplicity, precision, and efficiency.
Model    SY-504  
Power     4HP (AC220V/380V 50/60Hz 3Pole)  
Tying capacity     18~20 times/min.  
Required air Pressure     4-6kg/cm2  
Machine size     2800 x 2100 x 1980mm  
Measurement     2900 x 1100 x 2200mm x 2 Sets  
N.W. / G.W.     1800kgs / 2000kgs  
Auto PE tying     #50  
Remarks : Specifications listed above are for reference only and be subjected to changes without any prior notice.

  For carton of automatical in-line procession.
Item   A B C D E
Max   1300 1200 280 1000 150
Min   380 255 50 290 50
Unit : mm

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